My heart for this book started out as a means to encourage those who are single and waiting for God to send them their spouse. In the midst of writing, my focus broadened as I realized that it isn’t just singles who find themselves waiting on God to do something for them. We all end up in a waiting position at some point in our lives and it applies to a variety of situations. The waiting season can be an extremely difficult one, but it is my desire to see all people enjoy the fruit of a healthy, loving relationship with Jesus first and foremost before bombarding Him with a list of wants and desires. I truly believe God has placed this mantle on me because He wants us to better understand just how much He loves us and has great purpose for our lives, no matter what we think we are waiting on Him to do.

As you read this book, I want to be absolutely clear that there is no one prescription on how to live this life. We are all on a journey that is uniquely designed just for us. The moment we begin to look at others’ journeys without seeking God’s will for OUR life, we lose the essence of the very reason God created us. As we begin to compare and contrast with others, we leave a door open for toxic emotions to invade our hearts and cause us to be cold and distant towards God. Imagine how much more peace you can have when you aren’t concerned about what everyone else is doing in relation to yourself. Imagine if we just focused more on ourselves and what God has for us and not what He has for other people. We will delve deeper into this subject later on but I challenge you before you read on to make a conscious decision to stop comparing yourself to others and watch how it changes your life.

Be careful to glean the Godly wisdom laid out before you without thinking that you must do something the exact way that someone else has done it. Be led by the Holy Spirit, as well as God’s Holy Word which encapsulates the principles and precepts that we are to live by. The chapters that are to come are based on God’s Word, divine revelations given to me by the Holy Spirit and my personal experiences. This book is to help a purpose filled, powerful group of individuals find their purpose in the Lord and walk confidently in it regardless of whether there’s a ring on their left hand or not. It is to answer some of the many questions in whose answers may hold the breakthrough we need to successfully navigate the journey we must go through in order to receive our promises from God. It is to encourage, empower and minister to the hearts of those that need to know or be reassured of God’s love for them. And most of all, it’s to have some real talk about the struggles we face in waiting, especially in relation to singleness.

Journey with me as I tell some of my personal stories and share the life-changing lessons I’ve learned in this process. Let’s get to the meat of what it really means to be waiting on God and how to live a fulfilling life in the meantime. There are some practical measures I will lay out in this book on how to find your place of peace until God allows this season to come to a close in your life. I am fully convinced that a change in perspective has the ability to change the course of your life and enable God to move forward in fulfilling the promises He’s made to you. It is my hope that this book will aid you in that paradigm shift.

At this point, if anyone reading this book is not saved, I would like to invite you into relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I and many others have a personal testimony of how accepting Jesus into our hearts has changed our lives and I want you to experience it as well. His love for you goes beyond anything you could ever imagine and I know personally just how amazing it is to be in relationship with the true and living God. If you’ve been searching in all the wrong places to fill that empty space in your heart, or if you already believe and may just need to renew your commitment, a simple prayer of salvation will close out this introduction. I invite you to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior today by reading and praying this prayer out loud.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died for my sins and rose on the third day. I ask you to forgive me and cleanse me from all unrighteousness with the blood of Jesus. Thank you Father for sending Jesus to provide me with salvation, which allows me to be a new creature in Christ. I confess and believe that you heard my prayer and now I am a new creature in you. Amen.